1. IDW500 - SET Passport ID Photo Solution System - RS Premium Special
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Front view IDW500-SET
Front view IDW500-SET

IDW500 - SET Passport ID Photo Solution System - RS Premium Special

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IDW500 - SET Passport ID Photo Solution System - RS Premium Special
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IDW500 Comprehensive Overview and Setup (16 minutes) - Click here
IDW500 Overview and Setup (short version) - Click here
IDW500 Usage Tips - Click here
Reloading the Print Pack - Click here
SD Wi-Fi Card Repair - Click here

What is the IDW500?

ID photo printing is one of the most profitable services a photo business can offer.
Per the United State department of State*, the following are number of passports issued in the past 5 years alone!
Fiscal Year U.S. Passports Issued
2018  - 21,103,475
2017  - 21,378,994
2016  - 18,676,547
2015  - 15,556,216
2014  - 14,087,341
2013  - 13,529,757

The IDW500 is specifically designed to produce passport and ID photos that comply with Federal requirements, eliminating rejections and keeping your customers happy.

The IDW500 is a self-contained, complete ID wireless solution designed to improve your passport and photo ID business.
In a matter of minutes, you can take a picture, transfer the image to the IDW500 console, and print it for your waiting customer.
You can also make minor color and rotation adjustments to images when necessary.
Using the IDW500 console, you can also monitor your printer for media usage and possible error conditions.

IDW500 System Included Components

  • IDW500 Wireless Console
  • ID Photo Printer with US power cord and USB cable
  • Sony HS300 camera with installed SD wireless card
  • Battery charger with 2 sets of 4 rechargeable batteries
  • USB to SD card adapter
  • IDW500 Installation/Setup Guide
  • IDW500 Quick Reference Guide
  • IDW500 Quick Print Guide
  • 3-year Advanced Exchange (AE) Warranty
  • Registration Card

Key Features

  • Specialty equipment delivering quality photos that satisfy government requirements
  • Solid workflow for faster production with consistent results
  • 8 biometric checks on all images before printing
  • Supports 6 images at a time that can be selected and printed or edited at any time
  • Can output images to USB stick and/or print them
  • Supports English, Spanish, and French
  • Supports IDs for 17 countries, state and local
  • Provides help videos for optimal picture taking and media changing on the printer
easy to use IDW500


DNP's Photo ID Printer
    • High quality
    • Fast
    • 350 media capacity
    • Comes with 3-year Advanced Exchange (AE) Warranty
Digital Camera
    • IDW-SH30 high quality Sony camera
    • Flash centered over the lens
    • Wireless
    • Overlay guide for LCD
    • One-year manufacturer's warranty
System Console
    • Wireless; LCD screen
    • Embedded biometrics
    • Image viewing and editing
    • Reprint feature
    • Supports dozens of country IDs
    • Digital file delivery
    • One-year manufacturer's warranty
FlashAir Card
    • Toshiba SD card with 8GB of memory
    • One-year manufacturer's warranty

    • 350 sheets/roll
    • Bright white
    • High quality color
    • "ID Photo Paper" back print

    User Guide

    Quick Reference

    Quick Print Card


    Passport Photos, Requirements and Photo Examples:

    · Instant Credit Approvals
    · Start Up Businesses
    · Credit Scores 550+
    · Minimum Finance of $1,000.00
    · Tax deductible advantage

    Click here to access an application

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