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Roland EGX-20 Desktop Engraver

Roland EGX-20 Desktop Engraver

Part Number:EGX20

New Roland EGX-20 Desktop Engraver


Consider the EGX30A instead

The Roland EGX-20 desktop engraver is remarkably easy to operate, yet large and powerful enough to handle a wide variety of engraving jobs, including awards, product serial numbers, office directories and personalized items. It has everything you need to get started immediately, including a complete suite of engraving software.  
Easy To Operate  
Roland designed the EGX-20 to be remarkably easy to operate. Thanks to its intuitive joystick and dial controls, operation is uncomplicated for both novices and experienced professionals. The joystick controls the X, Y and Z axes for smooth, accurate engraving.

Active Surface Tracking system  
The EGX-20 uses an Active Surface Tracking system to prevent scratches on the material and maintain a constant engraving depth, even on bowed or non-uniform surfaces. While most systems force you to set the origin point and cutting depth through extensive trial and error, the EGX-20 makes the process effortless. Now you can produce consistently beautiful results with less learning time and less wasted materials.

With its 15,000-rpm spindle, the EGX-20 is powerful enough to engrave a wide variety of popular materials, including acrylics, PVC, ABS, polycarbonate and wood. With the optional diamond scraper and burnishing attachment, you can also scribe light metals such as aluminum and brass for awards. Securing the material to the worktable is easy with the included adhesive sheet. Once you select the material to be engraved from a menu in the bundled software, the EGX-20 automatically determines optimum cutting speed and tool path, assuring smooth accurate results.
The EGX-20 comes complete with an entire suite of engraving software. Prior to production, Virtual MODELA simulates finished shapes for previewing. Dr. Engrave uses TrueType fonts and includes an automatic layout function for importing Excel and CSV database files for fast engraving of product serial numbers and nametags. 3D Engrave enables production of 3D reliefs. Available as an add-on, EngraveLab comes with specific engraving fonts, ADA design and a variety of fill patterns. All included software is compatible with Windows® 95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP.
Max Work Area
8" X 6" X 1.25" (220 mm X 170 mm X 31.8 mm)
Table Load Weight
Maximum 1 Kg
Carriage Cutting Range
203.2 (X-Axis) X 152.4 (Y-Axis) X 31.8 (Z-Axis) mm
Carriage Operating Speed
X And Y Axes: 0.1 To 1 mm/sec., 1 To 15 mm/sec.
Z Axis: 0.1 To 1 mm/sec., 1 To 6 mm/sec.
Cutting-Depth Control
AST (Active Surface Tracking) System
Maximum Cutting Depth
3D Cutting Mode: 0.002 To 0.27 (0.05 To 7 mm)
Engraving Mode: 0.002 To 0.039 (0.05 To 1 mm)
Cuttable Material
Composition: Resin (Rigid Acrylics, Modeling Wax, Abs, Polyacetals, Polycarbonates, Foamed Material, Etc.), Wood, And Gypsum
Maximum Thickness: 1.18" (30 mm)
.00039"/Step (0.01 mm/Step)
Spindle Motor
12 W (DC Motor)
Spindle Rotating Speed
4,000 To 15,000 rpm
Blade Diameter
3.175 mm
Parallel (Compliant With IEEE 1284)
Power Supply
Dedicated AC Adapter
Input: AC 100 To 240 V 10 %, 50/60 Hz
Output: DC 19 V, 2.1 A
Power Consumption
Maximum During Operation: 0.6 A At 100 V, 0.27 A At 240 V
Operating Noise Level
Standby: Less Than 45 Db
No-Load Operation: Less Than 70 Db (According To ISO 7779)
Machine Dimensions
20" (W) X 14.5" (D) X 10.65" (H) (515.2 (W) X 368.3 (D) X 270.6 (H) mm)
Machine Weight
24 Lb (10.9 Kg)
Package External Dimension
28" (W) X 21.4" (D) X 17" (H) (673 (W) X 518  (D) X 412 (H) mm)
Package Weight
42 Lb (20 Kg) / 62 Lb Dim Weight
Operating Environment
Temperature: 41 - 104 F (5 To 40 C)
Relative Humidity: 35 To 80 % (No Condensation)
Included Items And Accessories
AC Adapter, Power Cord, Power Plug Adapter, Blade, Blade Holder, Depth Regulator Noses (Large And Small), Adhesive Sheet For Mounting Material, Test-Use Plate Material, Hexagonal Screwdriver, Hexagonal Wrenches (Large And Small),
Roland Software Package, User's Manual

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EGX-20 Spec Sheet

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