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C2-125-010K - Carb. Engr Cutter, .010in, 1/8in Shnk, W/Knob

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C2-125-010K - Carb. Engr Cutter, .010in, 1/8in Shnk, W/Knob
Part Number: C2-125-010K
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Carbide Engraving Cutter, .010in, 1/8in Shank, W/Knob (ZEC-A2025)

Part #: C2-125-010K

About Engraver Carbide Cutters Bits
Cutter bits are use on softer material like wood, plastic, and acrylic. 
They are always use with the spindle on.
Roland has sizes ranging from 010k to .171k. Size of the bit is depended on what letter size you are trying to engraver. 
For example when you are engraving 1/8 inch letter you would normally use .010k or 015k tip. 
For 1/4 inch tall letter you would use 030k tip. 
If you are doing larger letters like 1/2 in you would use .060k or .090k.
For one inch letter or larger it recommend to use the .125k or .171k.

The cutter bits come in two different shank size 1/8 and 11/64 . 
1/8 shank cutters are use with the PNC 2300, EGX-20. EGX-30, EGX-350.  The 11/64 shank are only used with the EGX-350, EGX-400 and EGX-600

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