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CP-D90DW Dye Sublimation Thermal Transfer Photo Printer

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CP-D90DW Dye Sublimation Thermal Transfer Photo Printer
Part Number: CP-D90DW
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CP-D90DW Dye Sublimation Thermal Transfer Photo Printer

Ideal for Photo Booths or Kiosk Stations with Limited Space.

At 155 square inches, its compact footprint makes it fit installations of many kinds. Equipped with versatile connectivity options, small, low-powered devices and computers like a Stick PC, tablets or mobile phones with the appropriate controlling apps can easily be powered and used to control the CP-D90DW printer, providing options such as wireless printing, building a cost-efficient print station, etc. through the connected devices. Jam-packed with features like built-in image processor, auto image-optimizers and a rewind feature that enables users to print multiple print sizes from just one roll of media, the CP-D90DW printer would be a great workhorse for your photo booth or event printing needs.

It comes with 2 power ports for additional connectivity (DC output terminals: 5V 2A and 12V 2A). Small, low-powered computers like a tablet, stick PC, or mobile devices can easily be powered through one of two ports directly from the printer, supporting a broader range of possible applications such as wireless printing, helping build a cost-efficient printing station more easily.

Additionally, it comes with an Image Analyzing Engine built-in to enable faster printing without compromise on image quality. Each image received is built and analyzed within the printer processor with its print density and details analyzed and printed accordingly, yielding the best result with every photo printed. The new, built-in humidity sensor restrains effect of humidity change and brings stable high quality.

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