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DK-1 - Roland Metaza MPX-95 Direct Part Marking Kit DPM-1

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MPX-95 Direct Part Marking Kit DPM-1
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DK-1 Roland Metaza MPX-95 Direct Part Marking Kit DPM-1

This kit allows you to add numbering to medical instruments and industrial products efficiently.
With the DPMKit, you can directly imprint thin medical instruments that cannot be easily secured as well as on variously
shaped instruments. In addition, using the included software makes it possible to create and imprint 2D symbols.
For more information, refer to “Using the DPM Kit” in the manual included with the DPM Kit.

Affordable and easy-to-operate, the MPX-95 offers the most versatile marking solution for industrial parts marking and UDI medical equipment compliance*. Users of all abilities can add precision data to a wide range of metal equipment.

Kit includes:

DPM Vise
A movable and fully-adjustable vise with multiple tool-holding options can be quickly set-up to hold medical scissors, tools and other items. It's ideal for marking different items with contrasting dimensions in succession.
DPM Vise

Center Vise with Clamp Pins
Uniquely position different sized clamp-pins to hold irregular-shaped and cylindrical items for repeat, precise personalization of equipment with the same dimensions.
Center vice

Data Imprinting advantage:
Imprint up to 26 digits of barcode data inside an area as small as one square millimeter.
Users can also automatically apply serial barcodes and security numbers with variable data options.
Data Imprinting

The DPM version of METAZA Studio allows users to apply sequential data to each item in a series, add text, import variable data without having to save a CSV file, and automatically generate 2D symbols for an effortlessly easy solution.

User Manual (PDF) : Click here

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