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DNP DP-SL620A All-In-One SNAPLAB+ Printing System SL620A

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DNP DP-SL620A All-In-One SNAPLAB+ Printing System SL620A
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DNP DP-SL620A All-In-One SNAPLAB+ Printing System


If you are all familiar with the SL10 SnapLab, this successor, the DP-SL620A SNAPLAB+ model has the same easy and intuitive workflow.
The DP-SL620A SNAPLAB+ is a compact kiosk system that combines the DS620A printer, The DS-Tmini order terminal and powerful software within a single Dye-sublimation compact kiosk system -- no computer needed!

It is a winning formula to turbo charge your photo business!


As the growth of mobile phone photography becomes more common, the demand for instant prints from photo kiosks is also growing. In addition, various instant print services such as ID photo products and event photos are also experiencing an increase in demand.

The user can upload images to the kiosk from the following devices:

  • Memory Card
  • USB
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • PhotoPrints Wi-Fi Application
  • Direct Wi-Fi
  • Social Network (Network access required to utilize online features)
  • Bluetooth (Optional hardware required; not sold by DNP)

The DP-SL620 has all you need for staring a photo print business.

The DP-SL620A offers a variety of photo finishing formats, ranging from standard prints, ID and themed frames available.

Using the same media pack, photo finish is available in Matte, Glossy and Luster finish with the DS620A and DS820A printers, and also Fine Matte with the DS-820A printer.

By adding the optional DNP’s DS80DX printer, value added products such as photo books and calendars can be also offered to generate more sales in a printing business.

Print sizes range from 3.5x5" to 6x8" using the DS620A printer, to 8x10 and 8x12 using the optional DS820A printer to Duplex printing using the optional DS80DX printer.
This provides a broad array of deliverables, and each print has the same superior quality finish you have come to expect with the DNP brand.

This all-in-one kiosk combines a high speed printer with a durable 10.1" high resolution touchscreen monitor allowing users to access these robust features:
  • Edit photos, add borders and text
  • Create photo books and calendars (DS80DX)
  • Print from Compact Flash, SD, Micro SD, Memory Stick, MS Micro, xD, and USB port
  • Print from Apple and Android smartphones via wireless or cable
  • Ability to connect two (2) DS620A printers, and or 820A or DS80DX

Panoramic prints:

Using the DS620A:
6×14 size prints use the equivalent of 2 6×8 prints worth of media
6×20 size prints use the equivalent of 3 6×8 prints worth of media
Using the DS820A
8x18” prints use 2 of the 8x10 prints / sheets of print media
8x26” prints use 3 of the 8x10 prints / sheets of print media
  • SL620A side viewFront SL620A

The SL620A also comes with the 3-year Advance Exchange warranty* in the box at NO COST, and the DS-Tmini offers a one-year manufacturer warranty*.3 yrs warranty


*Warranty is valid only in the USA

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