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DNP DS40 Perforated 4x6 Social Media Pack DS404x6PM

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DNP DS40 Perforated 4x6 Social Media Pack DS404x6PM
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DNP DS40 Perforated 4"x6" Social Media Pack DS404x6PM

This unique new product offers the ability to easily create social media styled 4x4-inch sized square prints. This 4x4x2" media product emulates the vintage "Polaroid®-look" which has become a popular means of self-expression on popular consumer social media sites such as Instagram®.


Thanks to the high quality perforation, end users can also create additional marketing or advertising information. This 2x2" area can be easily snapped off and used for a coupon, promo messaging, offers, or additional print sizes.


No special printer drivers or firmware is necessary. The DS40 printer recognizes media as just a standard 4x6" sheet. As the design for layout is defined by end users, layouts need to accommodate the perforation as in these examples with the 2" laser-snap perforation.

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