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DNP 820A
DNP 820A

DNP DS820A 8-inch dye-sublimation photo printer 820A

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DNP DS820A 8-inch dye-sublimation photo printer
Part Number: DS820A
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The New DNP DS820A 8-inch dye-sublimation photo printer

The newest DNP Flagship Printer utilizing the latest dye-sublimation printing technology

3-year Advanced Exchange (AE) Extended Warranty **
ABSOLUTELY FREE! ($399 value)

3-year Advanced Exchange (AE) Extended Warranty

The DS820A features an enhanced thermal print head and print engine system for years of trust performance.

DS820A features:

  • Standby mode for decreased energy consumption
  • Improved heat dissipation for higher throughput.
  • High speed print mode (8x10 Glossy in 29 seconds)
  • Additional print sizes including panoramic!
  • Latest generation thermal heads.
The DS820A can print standard 8 x 10" and 8 x 12" prints, and prints as small as 8 x4", but it can also produce panoramic prints 8 x 18", 8 x 22", 8 x 26", and 8 x 32"!!

Fine prints with richer color and blacker blacks. The DS820A provides maximum color density and a higher gloss finish for deeper richer color and blacker blacks to enhance your photographic expressions.

The DS820A provides the standard glossy and matte finishes, but also adds a new refined "Luster" and a "Fine Matte" finish.  With a slightly textured surface and smooth pattern, the effect is outstanding for fine photography. 

Compared to the current 8" model, the DS80, the new DS820A printer has significantly improved print throughput from 86 prints per hour to 125 prints. It also increased the durability of the thermal print head and reduced 98% standby power consumption compared to the current DS80 model.  

The DS820A is capable of handling multiple print sizes from 4x8” to dramatic 8x32” panoramic prints perfect for sweeping landscapes to memorable family reunions. Other improvements include driver enhancements of

  • Printer status
  • Printable size indication
  • Auto switching of ICC profile based on media type
  • Equipped with improved heat dissipation for higher throughput and standby mode for decreased energy consumption, as well as a 3-year Advance Exchange (AE) Extended Warranty–an end user support program.

8 x 10mediaDS820(8x10)
8 x 12mediaDS820(8x12)

DS 820A Specs


DNP offers an out-of-the box 3-year Advanced Exchange (AE) Extended Warranty as an end user support program. Tha't's a $399 value at NO COST and a guarantee that we believe in the quality of our products!
** AE warranty is valid only in the lower 48 USA. 
To read more about the free 3 years Advance Exchange warranty, Click Here

What's in the box:
DS820A 8-inch printer
US power cord
USB 6-foot cable
Printer catcher tray (8x12")
Printer cleaning kit
Warranty documents
User Manual and Quick Start Guide

Useful Links:
Manual, Drivers, etc.

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