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DNP Mobile Party Print APP

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DNP Mobile Party Print APP
Part Number: MPP - Mobile Party Print
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Mobile Party Print APP

A NEW wireless event photography APP for use with iOS, Android phones, and tablets, allowing users to wirelessly print and share photos!

*Mobile Party Print (MPP) is a new mobile imaging solution from DNP for event photographers. Install MPP on a compatible Window’s PC, configure your Wi-Fi router, connect a DNP printer, and you are ready to go! MPP makes a great rental solution for parties, wedding receptions, or other hospitality events.

From click to print in less than 11 seconds!

MPP User Guide: Click Here

MPP Border Definitions: Click Here

Additional resources: Click Here


PC:Windows 7/XP (32 or 64 bit)
2GB RAM or greater
1024×768 video resolution or greater
20 GB of free disk space
Mobile Device:iOS v4.2 or greater
Android v2.1 or greater
802.11 b/g/n
*Specific firewall configuration required as per documentation
**The number of simultaneous users on the server is dependent on the external router
(sold separately)
Print Size:DS40 4?x6?, 5?x7?, 6?x8?, 6?x9?
RX1 4?x6?, 6?x8?
DS80 8?x10?, 8?x12?

Key Features

MPP  allows event guests to easily transfer photos via Wi-Fi.
• It’s the modern version of free film cameras on the table. Event guests use their mobile devices to capture memorial “candid” shots.
• Archives ALL of the images that it prints. Event hosts can receive copies of the digital files.
• MPP can be customized. Create a custom start page that every guest will see each time they run the mobile app.
• MPP can add a graphical border to each print.

*Mobile Party Print requires iOS or Android apps that are downloadable from the Apple or Google online app stores, respectively. These mobile apps are not available in all countries; please check with your Authorized DNP Reseller for availability in your region OR intended country of operation.

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