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NX Plus+
NX Plus+

DNP NX Plus+ Kiosk Software V3.0

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DNP NX Plus+ Kiosk Software V3.0
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DNP NX Plus+ Kiosk Software V3.0

NX Plus+ is the newest self-order prints software from DNP. This retail-savvy software turns any PC and DNP printer combination into a self-service kiosk solution. The intuitive interface lets customers easily liberate their cherished photos from digital storage and transform them into beautiful prints.

Key Features:

  • Supports a multitude of print sizes — 4?x6?, 5?x7?, 6?x8?, 6?x9?, 8?x10?, 8?x12? all in brilliant glossy or matte finish
  • Drive demand for higher-margin creative products with borders, stamps, collage, and drawing.
  • NX Plus+ installs easily to any OS support system to be as flexible and cost-effective as you need it to be.
  • NX Plus+ grows with your business and is scalable.
  • Picture perfect enhancements are already built-it — brightness, zoom, rotation, positioning, color adjustment, and auto image correction.

New Features!

  • New and improved Graphic User Interface (GUI) color scheme
  • Improved image editing functionality
  • Decorations now available on multiple prints
  • Burn pictures onto CD/DVD
  • Promotional tier pricing

NX Plus+ v3.0 Manuals – English

NX Plus+ v3.0 Install Guide – English

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