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DS-Tmini-U DNP SnapLab Kiosk Terminal only

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DS-Tmini-U DNP SnapLab Kiosk Terminal only
Part Number: DS-Tmini-U
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DS-Tmini-U DNP SnapLab Kiosk Terminal only

For Customers Who Already Have a DNP Printer

Compatible with DNP DS620A, DS820A, DSRX1HS

This Terminal with a durable 10.1" high resolution touchscreen monitor allowing users to access these robust features when combined with DNP high speed printer:

  • Easy Setup
  • Superior print quality
  • Perfect for mobile phone users
  • Edit photo, add borders and text
  • Print from Compact Flash, SD, Micro SD, Memory Stick, MS Micro, xD, and USB port
  • Print from Apple and Android smartphones via wireless or cable
  • Ability to connect three (3) DNP DS620A printers or other DNP printers

As the growth of mobile phone photography becomes more common, the demand for instant prints from photo kiosks is also growing. In addition, various instant print services such as ID photo products and event photos are also experiencing an increase in demand.

Includes 1 year Manufacturer (USA) warranty

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