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Heat Transfer Flex for fabrics

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Heat Transfer Flex for fabrics
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EnduraTex HotMark - 15" x 11'
Heat Transfer Flex for fabrics.

Use with cotton, polyester, acrylic and similar fibers.
EnduraTex HotMark 70 is a matte polyurethane heat transfer flex material that is very thin, soft and stretchable.
The special self adhesive layer permits high speed cutting and easy weeding. Cut in mirror image (the dull side) through the adhesive layer to the plastic backing, weed excess material, and lay the pattern on the fabric.
Then cover the design area with paper or cloth. Apply heat transfer at 330°F to 360°F for 20 seconds with hard pressure and peel away backing sheet when transfer is cool.
This material can withstand dry cleaning.
When you wash and dry do not exceed temperatures of 180°F.

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