KD7200, Self Standing, Photo Kiosk, foot traffic, high margins
KD7200 Self Standing Photo Kiosk

Photo Kiosks create foot traffic and high margins!

Did you know? Photo services are among the top foot-traffic generators.
Your photo kiosk will attract new customers, keep existing loyal customers and assist with other in-store product/service sales.

We can tailor make a program that fits your needs. Contact us for price and availability
Photo kiosk

Here are just a few benefits that you customers will enjoy:
  • Print from cell phones and tablets.
  • Print directly from Facebook account.
  • Print on glossy or matte finish products.
  • Add text, borders, and/or clip art to your prints.
  • Two 21.5? digital screens.
  • Print greeting cards, passport photos, calendars, index prints, collages and photo packages.
  • Enjoy 4×6, 4×8, 5×7, 8×10 and 8×12 prints.
  • Print sizes: 4×6, 4×8, 5×7, 8×10, and 8×12
  • And many more

Revenue - Typically photo services generate the largest profit margin of any product/service in your store.

Smallest Foot Print of any Photo Kiosk made - Roughly 20"wide by 22" deep.

The best customer support! - Our service and support model is second to none. One, we answer the phone! Two, we are able to control your kiosk from our corporate office. This gives us the ability to train your staff, answer questions while viewing your screen and update or upgrade your kiosk with the latest software features.

  • Software support - Our tech support has the ability to remotely log into your kiosk and update or upgrade software, provide training with staff and much more.
  • On-Site service - Using a network of 3400 technicians across the country for installation and on-site support.
  • Warranty - All purchases come with a 12 month warranty, along with a technical support help desk. Extended service plans also available.

Web to Kiosk - With our online program you can:

  • Upload images from home or office and then send to print at your in-store photo kiosk.
  • Print from a lifetime of online stored images at your in-store kiosk.
  • Order photo related products and have mailed to any address.

Digital advertising - Utilize the upper screen for various types of digital communication such as:

  • Promote Kiosk features and other in-store product/service specials.
  • Create additional revenue by allowing your entrepreneurial spirit to kick in and sell ad space to vendors or neighboring businesses.
  • Great tool to draw attention to your in-store photo kiosk.

Modular software and hardware - Ability to add products and services as technology develops and changes.

Branding and Marketing Support - We offers a variety of merchandising items like 2’x6' exterior vinyl banners, window posters, and more.

Financing available - Contact us for complete details

Digital Prints

We can tailor make a program that fits your needs. Contact us for price and availability

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