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Metaza MPX90
Metaza MPX90

Roland Metaza MPX-90 Metal Photo Impact Printer MPX90

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Roland Metaza MPX-90 Metal Photo Impact Printer MPX90
Part Number: MPX90
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DISCONTINUED - Replaced with MPX-95

New METAZA MPX-90 Desktop Impact Printer

Roland's Innovative Imprinting Technology
for Personalized Gifts, Industrial Serial Plates and More

MPX-90 Setup and Operation Video: Click Here


Powerful, easy to use solution at a great price
Roland is pleased to announce the new Roland MPX-90 Impact Printer. The MPX-90 is the latest impact printer capable of printing on harder materials than any of the previous models. Engineered for the kiosk, gift, jewelry and industrial customers wishing to avoid the time and cost of outsourcing or shops who just want an easy to use impact printer, the MPX-90 features automatic surface detection, center vise, USB connectivity, and a user replaceable print head cartridge. MetazaStudio, SFEdit2, MPX-90 Head Manager, Dr. Engrave software and a Windows® driver are included.
The MPX-90 is geared toward the kiosk, gift, awards, jewelry and industrial markets. The MPX-90 comes with easy to use Metaza Studio and Dr. Engrave software and is compatible with Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW and Photoshop, and other popular image editing software. The MPX-90 is the 5th revision of our proven impact printer line and is a direct replacement for the MPX-80.

Built on a Foundation of Roland Innovation and Performance
The new MPX-90 includes features that allow customers with no previous experience to be able to setup and run in no time at all.


USB Connectivity
USB connectivity is plug-and-play, allowing for quick and easy connection to the PC.
The MPX-90 supports Windows XP/ VISTA/7 (32 and 64 bit editions).

MetazaStudio Software
The MPX-90 comes with METAZA Studio. The image and photo layout software imports data files in AI, EPS, JPEG or BMP format and accepts data from digital cameras and compatible scanners and is capable of Raster and Vector output. It even helps manage images add text, frames and borders, remove backgrounds, and rotate text and images. It also supports vector designs, which allows for faster, more precise production of text and line art.

Dr. Engrave Software
Dr. Engrave is easy to use engraving software that produces professional results. Dr. Engrave is capable of inputting various types of text and bitmap images and supports industry standard True Type fonts. The software also comes with a built in single stroke font editor (SFEdit). SFEdit can convert any Windows True Type font into a stroke font that improves engraving speeds and allows the user to engrave smaller text without any type of overlap or bleed. The automatic vectorization of BMP formatted images makes creating files quick and easy. Users can easily import Excel/Word/Notepad files and databases in TXT or CSV format for variable data applications such as badges. It also features a serialization function.

3x the Impact Force
With 3x the impact force of the MPX-80, the MPX-90 is capable of producing clear and bright images as well as text on non-plated and unpolished materials. Due to the higher impact force, the MPX-90 is now capable of impacting Stainless Steel, Iron, Titanium , Platinum and other materials up to 200 Vickers hardness with much more clarity than ever before.

Center Vise
The MPX-90 center vise can be positioned in the unit both vertically and horizontally to accommodate most materials with ease. With the cover open you can place materials that are larger than the printable area in the machine for impacting such as tools and wedding sets.


For the industrial market, the MPX-90 is among the industry's lowest cost marking solutions. With three times the force of the previous MPX model, the MPX-90 precisely imprints text, graphics and other data on hard surfaces including non-plated and unpolished materials. Variable data printing capabilities enable users to automatically apply unique identification numbers to each item in a series.

The MPX-90 is also ideal for retailers and other businesses specializing in personalization. In addition to flat items like pendants, dog tags, key chains and Zippo lighters, the MPX-90 takes personalization to the next level by customizing curved objects like pens, cuff links and money clips. Quiet and compact, the MPX-90 imprints text, graphics and photographic images without leaving any residue behind, making it ideal for retail environments.

The MPX-90 features automatic surface detection, a center vise, USB connectivity and a user-replaceable print head cartridge. MetazaStudio, SFEdit2, MPX-90 Head Manager, Dr. Engrave software and a Windows® driver are included. The MPX-90 is compatible with popular design programs including Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW and Photoshop.


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