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Roland Metaza MPX-95 Gift Kit GK-1

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Roland Metaza MPX-95 Gift Kit GK-1
Part Number: MPX95 GK1 - Gift Kit
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Roland MPX95 Gift Kit - GK1

This kit allows you to imprint names, decorations, and other markings onto accessories.
When used with a dedicated vise, this kit makes it possible to imprint even on small items that are not easily secured, such as
watches and pens. For more information, refer to “Using the Gift Kit” in the manual included with the Gift Kit.

The Gift Kit includes a center vise that can be used to secure three-dimensional objects that cannot be secured
using the grid table included with the printer, such as pens, allowing for imprinting to be performed
on variously shaped gifts.

Personalize Hundreds of Metal Items, Including

    Pens and business card holders
    Smart devices
    Flasks and tankards
    Vases and urns
    Golf clubs
    Trophy plates
    Dog tags

It includes the following:

User manual:   Click here

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