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T11 2.0
T11 2.0

T11 2.0 Photobooth Shell Only

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T11 2.0 Photobooth Shell Only
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T11 2.0 SHELL ONLY **

Created for those on-the-go photo booth owners, the T11 is constructed from light weight polished aluminum and powdered coated with medium gloss. 

The camera mount inside the shell will accommodate all of your DSLR cameras and lenses.  Any Canon or Nikon camera with standard lens will fit inside this 7 1/2 depth shell. 

The T11 will fit a windows 8 tablet mounted inside securely.

** Does Not Includes the OPTIONAL printer stand, printer cover, umbrella or strobe.



Classy Aluminum Case Shell
Aluminum Rod  to hold your preferred External Strobe flash & studio flash umbrella.
Light Weight Aluminum Base Plate 21"x15" with slot hole for transportation handle
and 43" Pole
Tilting mechanism built inside to create the hard to get angles
Photo booth shell 16x14x7"
Screen cut out 10.25" x 7.5"
Light and portable for one person to carry, elegant for commercial use.
Fits Microsoft Surface pro 3 or pro 4 Tablet*

*Tablet mounts inside the T11 photo booth and connects directly to your DSLR camera and optionally to your printer using USB cables.
If you wish to connect a printer, the tablets have only 1 USB port so you’ll need this USB hub (Belkin USB 2.0 4-Port Ultra-Mini Hub)  to connect both the camera and printer to the tablet.

Diagram T11

What else is needed to complete a working system:

Tablet (It is compatible with Microsoft Surface Pro 3 or 4)
If the tablet you buy has only one USB but you want to connect it with both DSLR camera and USB, then a mini USB hub is required too.
Photo booth software. Any photo booth application that supports Windows 8 can be used.
A good digital camera such as Canon Rebel brand.
Camera A/C Adapter to power up your camera directly to A/C power
Hot Shoe to connect you Strobe Flash to your camera.
Printer is required for hard copy photos. A good quality photo printer such as DNP DS620A or DS-RX1 is recommended for best results.

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