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UPACPH1 SnapLab Paper Holder UPA-CPH1

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UPACPH1 SnapLab Paper Holder UPA-CPH1
Part Number: UPACPH1
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Paper Holder UPA-CPH1

The UPA-CPH1 is the Paper Holder for the DNP DSSL10, Sony SnapLab UP-CR10L and UP-CX1 printers.

Although both printers are supplied with a paper holder, an additional paper holder offers convenience of easy switching of the paper roll when a more than one size is required on a job.
By using the UPA-CPH1, the customer can switch paper size quickly. Also it is convenient to store paper in the paper holder while not is use.

The UPA-CPH1 consists of the paper holder, paper core, and a set of adapters.

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