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Vise Fixture-MPX80/90, EGX360, ZV-23C

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Vise Fixture-MPX80/90, EGX360, ZV-23C
Part Number: VF-1
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Vise Fixtures for MPX-80/90 Impact Printers and EGX-360 Engravers

Roland's new vise fixtures for use with Roland MPX-80, MPX90 impact printers, EGX-360 gift engraver and the ZV-23C center vise.

The new fixtures optimize Roland impact printers and engravers by expanding the range of items that can be engraved. The vise fixtures consist of a pin jig featuring 10 pins, a pen fixture, and medallion/seal fixtures. Each is easy to set up and fits on the existing machine vises. The fixtures quickly and easily secure objects in place for precision results on a multitude of materials.

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