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ZV-23A Vacuum Table, PNC-2300

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ZV-23A Vacuum Table, PNC-2300
Part Number: ZV-23A
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Vacuum Table (PNC-2300, EGX-300, EGX-350)

Rolands optional Vacuum Table keeps engraving material in place, eliminating the need for adhesive sheets.

Table size is 12(X) x 9(Y) [305mm (X) x 230mm (Y)]


The vacuum table and Roland's chip removal system CAN be used on the same engraver, at the same time.

The vacuum table is used to pull down and hold the material on the table.  This eliminates the need for adhesive sheets to hold down the material. 

The chip removal system allows you to suck up the debris. You can use your own shop vacuum or you can purchase our vacuum system.

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