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R-WearStudio Software

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R-WearStudio Software
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Roland's R-WearStudio Software, is a powerful new design software that supports Roland R-Wear Business Solutions for the customized gift and apparel markets.

R-WearStudio offers all the necessary design functions for a range of profitable applications including: colorful print and cut heat transfers for apparel, decorated rhinestone apparel and rhinestone embellishments, and even gift engraving.

This software boosts your profit for personalized Rhinestone t-shirts, handbags, cell phones and more. For those of you already using, or planning to use the EGX-350, GX-24, and VersaCAMM, Roland R-Wear Solution will enhance your offering exponentially.

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R WearStudio Workflow - Click Here

Intro to RWearStudio for Engravers - Click Here

Intro to RWearStudio for Cutters - Click Here

The main features of R-WearStudio are:

  • Create templates for hot-fix rhinestones using Roland EGX engravers
  • Create colorful heat-applied lettering, logos and graphics with Roland GX-24 cutters
  • Create a wide variety of profitable custom graphics using both designs and photos
  • Import files in bmp, jpg, gif, png, and ai and eps for Adobe Illustrator 7 and 8
  • Generate stroke fonts for customized inscriptions, such as initials, names and messages
  • Pick from a digital library with 500 styles of Swarovski rhinestones
  • Automatically calculate profits and control rhinestone inventories
  • Supports Roland R-Wear Business Solutions
Better Tools = Bigger Profits
Roland R-Wear business solutions enable apparel and gift shops to boost profits with a wide range of profitable jobs. At the heart of each solution is Roland R-Wear Studio design software. R-Wear offers streamlined solutions that deliver big-time results. A regular $50 pair of jeans, for example, easily turns into trendy, custom couture that retails for $150 and up.

No Limits
From cell phone holders to eyeglass cases, from team uniforms to that special gift, personalization – especially with rhinestones – is one of today’s hottest trends with kids and adults of every age. Roland R-Wear lets you take your gift and apparel business to the new heights by adding personalization and the latest style to all of your products.

Roland R-Wear Studio has everything you need to design beautiful custom products. The revolutionary software guides you through the entire process, making it easy to design and produce anything you can imagine. Import your own art or design new graphics, rhinestone patterns, personalized lettering, etc.  Let your imagination go wild!

Work Smarter, Not Harder
Roland R-Wear Studio is extremely flexible. The design software can output to supported Roland EGX engravers, GS-24 desktop cutter, VersaCAMM printer/cutter, as well as any standard inkjet printer. This unprecedented versatility is the key to creating such a wide range of custom gift and apparel products. Applications include gift engraving, rhinestone placement templates, sign engraving, vinyl cutting, contour cut labeling, POS signage and more.
Imagine, Design, Create, Sell. It's that simple!

Creating Heat Transfer & Rhinestone Apparel
Creating custom apparel with both full-color graphics and eye-catching rhinestones is one of the most popular new jobs in the apparel business! With Roland R-Wear, the job is completed in just six steps. Check out the workflow below.
    --Create your own design or import one using R-Wear Studio software.
    --Print and contour-cut heat-transfer graphics with a Roland printer/cutter or by pairing any color printer with a Roland GS-24 cutter.
    --Transfer the heat-transfer print onto a transfer application sheet. Then apply it to the apparel item with a heat-transfer press for colorful custom graphics.
    --Produce a rhinestone template with a Roland EGX engraver or GS series cutter to allow easy placement of stones.
    --Set rhinestones on the template and transfer them onto a transfer application sheet.
    --Apply the rhinestone application sheet to the final apparel item with a heat-transfer press. You now have a custom heat-transfer garment with beautiful, stylish rhinestones.

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